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Swimming pool accessories

Pool Accessories

Achme has one of the widest ranges of swimming pool accessories and toys in India.

Need to clean the walls of your pool? We have wall brushes for that tough job! Are you looking for a replacement vacuum head? Achme has you covered! Do a backwash hose look worn out? We have those too! Whatever pool accessory you need, we can get you ready for what this swimming season has in store.

For everyday maintenance of your swimming pool we carry a wide variety of accessories ranging from testing strips to patch kits and thermometers. We make taking care of your pool easier today, tomorrow and throughout the swimming season!

Here is a selection of swimming pool accessories we sell at our store.

  • Leaf nets/leaf rakes
  • Vacuum head
  • Thermometers
  • Vacuum poles/hose
  • Test strips & test kits
  • Backwash hose
  • Chlorinators
  • Patch kits

Pool Toys

Whether you’re looking for toys, goggles, floats or pool games, we’ve got all the pool toys you need to make the most of India's summer. We carry a huge range, including volleyball, water polo, basketball, water fitness equipment and fun diving games to keep the kids entertained all summer long!

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