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ACHME Clarifier Mechanism

ACHME Clarifiers are extensively used for continuous mechanical removal of settleable solids from wastes. These can be either Bridge or Centre column supported. The recommended slope is 1:12 at the bottom of the clarifier tank for efficient removal of sludge. The sludge is scrapped from the bottom of the tank by rotating scrapper arm.

ACHME Clarifier comprises of the following:

1.Clarifier drive unit consisting of worm and worm wheel gear unit connected to standard gear box by means of sprocket and chain arrangement and the gear box connected directly to motor mounted on MS fabricated base frame.
2.Superstructure comprising of steel structural bridge spanning the entire diameter of the tank. The drive unit is fixed at the centre of the bridge and the bridge is designed to take the static and dynamic load of the drive unit. Necessary chequered plate and hand rails is provided on the bridge so that it can be used as walkway to have access to the drive at the centre.
3.Two structural steel rake arms are connected to the centre shaft.The rake arms are provided with blades and adjustable brass/neoprene squeezes to rake the tank bottom twice per revolution.
4.The bottom of the shaft rests on guide bearing fixed to tank cone. Suitable cone scrappers are provided.
5.Feed well of suitable diameter is fixed to the bridge is also provided to introduce the feed into the clarifier.
6.Necessary weir plates along with fixing bolts to be fixed to the outlet launder can also be provided on request.
7.Floating scum scrapper with scum box, high torque switch can also be provided on special request.
8.The skimming mechanism, if required, can be provided by us. Generally, this mechanism is required to remove floating debris, solids, which floats on effluent surface.

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