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Static Mixture

ACHME static mixers are ideal for liquid-liquid mixing in the turbulent flow regime. These mixers can also be used for mixing gases.       

Characteristics of ACHME Mixtures

Simple construction

Appropriate dosing options

Low pressure drop

Available in all the MOC.

Efficient mixing within a short distance

Technical specification for static mixer

 Diameter  from 25 mm - 450 mm
 Standard material  stainless steel, carbon steel, PP and PVC as per requirement
 Flanges  acc. to DIN 2501, ANSI B 16.5 or other standards


Customer benefits

  • Low energy consumption due to small pressure drop
  • Wide variety of materials available, also for highly corrosive fluids
  • Excellent mixing.
  • Fast and cost-efficient solutions due to standardized design.
  • Efficient mixing of additives injected upstream.
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