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Victaulic Couplings

Victaulic Couplings are used for the application in HVAC and RO plants. Recommended specially for back pull out pumps & when the distance between shafts is more than the standard. We have a very skilled manufacturing team with precision SPM's and precise measuring instruments for manufacturing the range of Couplings. 

These couplings find applications in:

·         Shaft Encoder

·         Stepper & Synchronous motor

·         Damper Drives

·         Rotary position transmitter


Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems, HVACHydronic Balancing, PlumbingWet Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Clean Water and Wastewater

Desalination and Reverse OsmosisPotable Water,Wastewater TreatmentWater Treatment

Fire Protection

Data Center Fire Suppression,Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems,Machine Space Fire SuppressionRack and Freezer Storage Fire ProtectionWet Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Industrial Construction

Process Piping


New Ship ConstructionShip Retrofit and Repair


Abrasive ServicesAir and Water Services for MiningPotable WaterWet Pipe Sprinkler Systems

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