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ACHME offers both centre driven and end driven clariflocculators. It is a combination of both flocculation and clarification in a single unit. It consists of concentric circular compartments. The inner compartment is the flocculation chamber and the outer compartment is the clarifier.
ACHME clariflocculators are well suited for water treatment plant, waste treatment plant and effluent treatment plant. We also provide aerator, agitator, clarifier, flash mixer, thickner and other equipment for WTP, STP & ETP.
The Clariflocculator mechanism will comprise of the following:
Main driving Bridge cum walkway, 900mm / 1200 mm wide, one end resting over traction carriage and the other end over the Bridge centre support. The bridge would be made out of M.S. Channels & suitable braced and shall have a walkway of 5mm thick chequered plates of gradings.
Central Bearing, resting on the central pier the mechanism, it shall have a basic turntable.
Bridge center support with hinge pin arrangement rests over the center mechanism.
Traction trolley suitably fabricated out of rigid rolled section and properly placed to the tangential line over the walls.
Two / four number flocculates suspended from the main bridge.
Available Models:
Centre Driven Clariflocculator
End Driven Clariflocculator
Full Bridge Clariflocculator
Half Bridge Clariflocculator

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